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Love Is Love

Walking around the neighbourhood this month I’ve seen the most beautiful PRIDE flags on people’s lawns.  I noticed new colours on them in the shape of an arrowhead.  I had no clue what the new colours were about or why the flag had changed. I decided to “Google” it of course and learned that this… Read more »

Only The Lonely . . .

Another holiday weekend has passed us by and although we may have created some wonderful new memories, many of us are longing for the way things used to be. The pandemic has become an emotional roller coaster ride in so many ways.  On one hand, the slower pace of life can be a welcome gift… Read more »

February – The Longest Short Month of The Year

Isn’t it crazy how this month tortures us?  January seems to go by in a snap, February arrives and we’re all feeling optimistic because, hey!  Spring is only a month and a half away. But then February seems to just hang around like an unwelcome guest.  Ugggh, add on the pandemic and it’s really a… Read more »

Get to Know Her . . .

These days my day to day life is very simple. Wake up, select a one hour podcast, go for a big walk, come back, get the dog, go for a 20 minute walk with her, make a smoothie, enjoy a morning cup of tea with Wayne, shower and off to the studio.  Get there, work… Read more »

The Quarantine Pivot! (sounds like a new dance move)

Wow, are you ever amazing!  You are supporting small business in a big way and I know this because I see how so many of my fellow business owners are flourishing during Covid-19. The buzz word these days among entrepreneurs is “pivot”.  The question is, how are you going to pivot your business to give… Read more »

How To Wear More Sparkle!

Marilyn Monroe wore them in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Madonna repeated them again in her video for Material Girl , Audrey Hepburn invented such a classic and timeless look with the way she adorned them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and let’s not forget how many Bond girls sparkled up the big screen in them. I’m talking… Read more »

19 for a night . . .

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks! We’ve had friends visiting from Germany and their daughter Emma is staying a little longer to help me out at the studio and experience some more of the Canadian culture, eh? Last week Emma and I went to Ontario Place to see

The Glory Days

This Easter weekend I decided to go back to my roots in my business.  I thought it would be kind of nice to participate in a local craft show.  When I first started making my julz in 1992 I would exhibit in about 25 craft shows a year.  It was a great way to get… Read more »

From Stubborn to Purposeful

In all of my studies about being a successful business person, there is one topic that comes up over and over again. We are strongly advised to “Listen to our customers and give them what they want.” Over the years I have received special requests from people in terms of custom designs and alterations to… Read more »

Are you ready for the One of A Kind Spring Show?

It always surprises me when I tell people that I’m getting ready for the spring One of A Kind show and their response is : “What? They have a spring show too?” There has been a spring show since March of 1979.  That’s 40 years already! Can you believe it?