What’s the Best Way for Us to Get Social with You?

I’m confused and excited.  Does that make any sense?

As I strive daily to be an entrepreneurial badass, I have lots of ideas that keep coming to me.
I most definitely want to do it all and have it all and that’s where the confusion lies.
I see so many people making it big in social media and really expanding their networks.  To the point where they have followers all over the globe and they are making lots and lots of sales! International sales!  Woooo Hoooo! Just the thought of that gets me so excited.

Hang on . . .
Okay I’m back, just had to do a cartwheel.
So . . .
I am absolutely 100% ready to hop on that bandwagon to reach this level of success.
I want my girls at the studio to be creating beautiful julz all day long and I want our quarterly staff meetings to be about expansion and where we will fly to for our first annual glamjulz conference.
Hmmmmmm. . .
Which fashion capital will we choose – Paris or Milan?
Okay, so I’ve got my dream in place.
Now I have questions for you. What is it that you would enjoy seeing more of from us?
Our creative process? Where our inspiration comes from and how we design the julz?
How to wear glamjulz with styling tips?
A video series? A day in the life of glamjulz?  Me interviewing other female entrepreneurs?  A show about my Mom and me?
The world we live in today is virtual and making personal connections on line is so important and one of the many keys to success.
If you have a moment to leave a comment with any feedback about what YOU want to see from me and glamjulz I would love that!
Or if it’s easier just let me know what glamjulz Social Media posts you enjoy the most!  Is it Wonder Woman Wednesday? Thursday’s beads and julz? Our Fundraising stories?
Oh, forgot to mention –glamjulz dream #2?
We get ourselves a sparkly private jet and you’re coming along with us!
Did I mention the wings are adorned with Swarovski Crystals?
Oh yeah!
Monica xo
Please come and get social with us this Tuesday!  We would LOVE for you to bring in your favourite outfit so that we can custom design the perfect julz to complement your look!  XO



I would love more videos on how to wear the pieces and adding them to items in your wardrobe. So styling tips, a day in the life of, I love the fundraiser stories, and behind the scenes!

Tara Armstrong

I love seeing the creative process. The colour palette that’s inspired you. The theme of the collection and why it was selected.

I really like Wonder Woman Wednesdays. The Friday (I think that’s the day!) sale is fun too. A few years ago I thought it was interesting to see the custom pieces you made when you created julz inspired by customers’ questionnaires. The periodic weekend pop-ups with other artistans are great too.


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