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Absolutely Fabulous Women over 40!

Last night I was honoured to receive an award for Community Support at the Fabulous Women over 40 awards ceremony at the beautiful Grand Victorian Convention Centre in Mississauga. I was one of 40 women in the GTA being recognized for their accomplishments and contributions. All guests received a program for the evening profiling each… Read more »

Recession = Creativity = Prosperity

It seems like the last few years all we’ve been hearing on the news is how brutal the economy is and how we’re going deeper and deeper in debt as a nation.  Do you believe everything that you hear?  Do these accusations from our media keep you up at night? Or when you hear them… Read more »

Costume Jewelry vs. Fashion Jewelry

My husband, Wayne said something interesting yesterday.  He said, “It kinda’ bugs me when people refer to our pieces as costume jewelry. They are not for costumes. You don’t see Batman running around wearing … Not that there would be anything wrong with that!” Okay I could only disagree with that statement if I was… Read more »