The Finest Wine There Ever Was

This week at glamjulz we launched our beautiful sparkly wine glass charms, just in time for summer!

I have always been a wine girl!  I was actually raised on the stuff.

My Mom and Dad both immigrated to Canada from Germany in the 50’s.  Wine is a huge part of the German culture, just as much as beer!

I was allowed to stick my finger in a glass of wine to taste it when I was a little kid and on my 10th birthday I was given a small wine glass with apple juice in it.

As we got older my parents educated my brother and I both on alcohol and how to consume it responsibly.  We were taught at a young age how delicious certain wines tasted with different foods.  By the time I was a teenager I knew (more…)

Our True North Creative and Free


How wonderful it is to be  Canadian!  To live in a country FULL of opportunity!

After spending the weekend with Natasha exhibiting in Niagara on the Lake I just feel so proud.

The artist community is growing in Canada and many artists are giving up their “full time jobs” to become full time artists.

I think what is so powerful about the internet and social media is that it gives us artists a platform to tell our personal stories about life as an artist and what inspires us to create.

Gone are the days of hoping (more…)

Write It Down & Let It Go . . .

I have become more sensitive lately.

I’ve noticed it since my Dad passed away, since I’ve been getting closer to the big 5-0 and since I’ve been going for Reiki treatments and reading more about asking the Universe for what I want in my life.

The sensitivity I feel is a little bit like a roller coaster ride.  I have days where I’m flying high and everything in my world is perfect and other days where I swear there is a black hole under my feet and it’s just a matter of time before it sucks me up.

Do I like myself? YES!  Would I say I am my own (more…)

My Sweet Escape at By the Lake Books

Our bookmark sales in support of Halton Food for Thought are really picking up.  I have a HUGE goal to sell 1,000 so that we can feed 5,000 kids this year!

I was over the moon happy when I received a call from Anna, owner of By the Lake Books in Burlington.  She loved our initiative to help feed kids and ordered 24 of our bookmarks to carry in her store!  Yeeee Haaa!!!

Anna and I knew of each other back in high school.  Although we went to different schools and hung out in different crowds we connected on Facebook and it’s like we were always friends.  Anna and I have no problem reminiscing about what it was like to grow up in the 80s and chat about music, high school dances, some wild parties and (more…)

Remembering Kate Spade

I am still in disbelief over the passing of Kate Spade.

It came as such a shock.  We were eating lunch at the studio on Tuesday when Maggie said, “Oh my goodness, Kate Spade died.”  I think I said “What?” three times before it registered.

Kate Spade and her brand has been loved by all of us here at glamjulz.  I have always been drawn to her classic style.  She had this amazing design talent to bring back all of the elements of the 50’s and 60’s in a new way that was relatable to all women.  When I think of the Kate Spade brand I feel like she knew me.  She, of course, grew up with the same influences that many of us had.  For me her clothing was designed as though she had rifled through my Mom’s sewing patterns from the 1960’s with gorgeous a-lined dresses, cute short jackets and slim lined trousers in pastels and pretty little floral patterns.  The colours of Kate Spade’s purses and shoes in their cheery sherbert colours looked like they came right from the flavour selection at Baskin Robbins.  Her jewelry designs make such a statement and all of the details like the butterflies, the cherries, the pink flamingos, the daisies and the bows have always brought back memories of some of my most beloved collectables as a child.


What Does Success Mean To YOU?

Friday night we celebrated being women at the glamjulz studio!

The studio was filled with kind, generous community minded women.  They came with boxes and boxes of clothing to give back to our friends at Dress for Success Toronto!

We kicked the evening off with an amazing talk from Success Coach, Tahira Bharmal who shared with us how to define (more…)

I AM a Badass!

I think that no matter what age we are, we can always improve and learn how to make a better life for ourselves.  It’s just plain old human evolution.  We never want to get stuck or in a rut and end up bitter, resentful or defeated.  We are here on planet earth to flourish, to love and be loved.  We should know that with (more…)

Meghan and Victoria Say it with Flowers

I have to admit I felt a little tweak of regret as I looked through my Facebook feed yesterday morning!  So many people celebrated the Royal Wedding in style with early morning brunch, gathering together friends and family to watch Harry and Meghan tie the knot.  I kind of wish I’d done the same but nevertheless I have enjoyed watching the highlights.

This weekend we celebrate the Royal Wedding as well as our beloved May 2-4 weekend!  In a few short days Queen Victoria would have celebrated her 199th birthday.  Did you know that thanks to Queen (more…)

Super Mom and Baby T

You all know our beautiful Natasha!  It’s hard to believe she has been with glamjulz for 3 whole years now.

When I first met Natasha she was in her late 30’s.  She was working at Trixie’s Boutique in Grimsby and I was showing glamjulz to her for the boutique.  We developed an instant friendship.  Natasha had been through divorce (more…)

Designing and Creating for Women

I am so absolutely thrilled with the way the glamjulz spring collection is being received this year.

I designed the collection around the different characteristics of a woman because I wanted women to have (more…)