Living Coral is the Answer to Our Need for Connection

Since the new year began I’ve been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and what makes me feel really good energetically.

I did a little experiment over the holidays to announce that I was still resting and it was okay for everyone else to do the same.  For me the “resting” was about getting off my phone and enjoying other activities like walks outside, meeting a friend for breakfast, reading a book and cooking a three course meal just because.   Those few days that I took “off” from my phone changed me.

I realized how addicted (more…)

Of Course I’m Afraid Of Change . . .

Are you fearful of change?  If you are not then please, share your secret!

Most of us are afraid of change, we fear that we might fail, we fear the way others will look at us.  Believe it or not usually the biggest fear is that we will succeed.  What an oxymoron that one is.  Or is it?

Whether you’re a Voltaire enthusiast or a Spider Man fan, you’ve heard the quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Responsibilities can often feel overwhelming.  Especially because when we work so hard to get the “thing”, we often don’t know (more…)

2019! I’m Ready for You!

Two more days left in 2018!  Then it’s time to welcome a new year.  Traditionally I make my resolutions, get my hopes up that things will be different and then for some reason things never seem to progress or change fast enough for me.  Isn’t that crazy?  Isn’t this way of thinking the same as wishing my time away?

This New Year’s Eve I’m going to try something different.  (more…)

The Magical 2018 Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  Time to get those last few things we need for Christmas Day and finally put our feet up!

We made it, everyone!

My Christmas holidays this year will be jam packed with so much activity.  My Mom’s closing day on her house is December 27th so that means celebrating Christmas Eve as is our family tradition.  Then, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be spent packing up the last of the family home and getting ready for the big move to her lovely new condo!

I think it’s going to be a bittersweet couple of days.  I’ll be making lots of delicious food for all of us to nibble on while we pack and share more wonderful memories.

Once we have my Mom all moved in and settled I am going to take time to rest.  I hope you will too!  The winter solstice insists that we do . . .

The 2018 winter solstice has been extra special.  Not only (more…)

The Art of Small Business

I could not have asked for a better week!

You would think that after 11 days of the One Of A Kind Show and then heading into the Christmas rush I would be completely exhausted.


Goodbye Childhood Home . . .

This weekend was full of fun and emotion for our family!

My Mom had an Open House for all of our neighbours and friends to come and say goodbye to her house.

Yup, my Mom sold her house and she is moving on to condo living!

The party was the perfect way to reminisce as everyone who attended shared their memories and were equally as sad as we to say goodbye to this old house.

Surrounded by all of these dear friends I quickly realized that (more…)


The One of A Kind Show ended yesterday.

Today I sit in my jammies and reflect on 11 wonderful days spent with customers who I sometimes only see once a year as well as with really inspiring artisans who create so many beautiful things.

In a time where #girlboss is probably one of the most beloved hashtags amongst female entrepreneurs it was absolutely wonderful to connect with women who are living the girl boss dream!

This One of A Kind Show in particular my aisle was filled with booths of women who created beautiful products, worked really hard on dynamic booth displays and rock their social media in a truly heartfelt and relatable way.  All of these women were about 20 years my junior and I couldn’t get enough of chatting with them and finding out how they run their business.

I love to follow female entrepreneurs and get inspired by their stories.  No matter what stage they are at.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with Sophia Amoruso.  She is the creator of Nasty Gal, an on-line clothing company that has grown to be a multi-million dollar fashion sensation!  What I truly love about Sophia’s story is that growing up she felt like she never fit in.  She got herself into all kinds of trouble and could barely scrape by.  One day she came to the realization that she was destined for a better life.  She wanted to do something meaningful and she knew there were no shortcuts.  She craved a life of freedom and spontaneity and she went on a mission to do whatever it took.  Sophia’s rags to riches story is one of the best I’ve ever read.

Another woman who is right here in our back yard is Tiffany Pratt.  Tiffany is an incredible designer who started as a maker!  You may have seen her featured on our Beads & Julz post a few weeks ago.  I listen to Tiffany’s podcast “Love Jam” and can’t get enough of her boundless energy, her big heart and that amazing colourful hair!  I adore Tiffany because she is passionate about people who work hard to live their dreams and trudge through the tough stuff to get to where they are going.

I was very excited to meet Tiffany at the One of A Kind Show, she is the real deal, full of passion, lover of art and of the makers who make this world so beautiful.  My next plan is to get Tiffany out for a visit to the glamjulz studio.

If you have a dream and you’re wavering, start talking to other women who are doing it!  You will realize very quickly that the only magic is hard work and putting lots of love into what you do.

Make a plan and do whatever it takes!  Your future self with thank you!

Monica XO

One of A Kind Love XO

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the first Sunday of the One of A Kind Show.

We started on Thursday and now we have a full glorious week ahead of us!
At this point in the show I start getting super emotional.


Christmas Wrappin’

When you look up “volunteer” in the dictionary it says, “A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.”

What it doesn’t tell you is that a person who volunteers is someone who is passionate about giving their time, energy and enthusiasm to others.

This weekend I had the joy of working with a handful of women who came to my rescue.  Last month we launched our first ever (more…)

A Thousand Kisses

What if there was someone in your family whom you loved with all your heart and yet you had never met them?  What if you cried yourself to sleep some nights, because you were so sad that you lost them far too soon?

Is all this emotion coming from you?  Or are you grieving because you see how the other family members, who knew this person, longed to have them back?

Something incredible happened to (more…)