Launch Party Time!

I’ve been designing jewelry since the early 90’s.  I love the creative process and how all of my inspirations and ideas come alive in every piece.

A couple of years ago Maggie, here at glamjulz, asked me why I don’t have launch parties for my new collections (more…)

The Brighter the Smile, the Better!

The word from my friend Nancy McMillan at 9:30 yesterday morning was that the Bright Run had met their goal of raising $300,000 for the Juravinski Cancer Centre by the time she lay her head on her pillow last night!!!

Woooo Hoooo!!!

Many of you know my wonderful friend Nancy, chair of the Bright Run!  If you have never (more…)

I’m Ready, September!!!

September is here!!! This may very well be my favourite month.  To me this month is more meaningful than January!  I feel this sense of renewal and I get really excited about making positive changes.

Last week I was at Shoppers Drug Mart and this beautiful blonde woman with two sweet little boys looked at me and said, “Hey, glamjulz!” “Hi!” I said.  This angel of a person then said: “You don’t know me” and proceeded to (more…)

What’s the Best Way for Us to Get Social with You?

I’m confused and excited.  Does that make any sense?

As I strive daily to be an entrepreneurial badass, I have lots of ideas that keep coming to me.
I most definitely want to do it all and have it all and that’s where the confusion lies.
I see so many people making it big in social media and really expanding their networks.  To the point where they have followers all over the globe and they are making lots and lots of sales! International sales!  Woooo Hoooo! Just the thought of that gets me so excited.


An Early Birthday Gift from My Dad

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday!  I embrace getting older and I feel so lucky to be in good health.  Most days I feel stronger than I ever have in my life.  I amaze myself at how much energy I have. I’m not sure what I thought 49 was going to feel like when I was 20 but I sure didn’t expect it to feel better than 20!

Getting closer to 50 makes me realize that half a century is a long time and I’ve had so many life experiences now.  Experiences that have made me stronger.

But . . . we all have our moments of weakness, (more…)

How My Customers Became My Friends

Starting a business was so fun and exciting all those years ago.

I was pumped up about any opportunity that came my way and wanted to have my hands in everything!  Shows, Boutiques, Bridal, Home Parties, just about any place where I could show my designs and start building a base of customers and fans.

I remember when I would host an event at my studio, way back when, I’d get so nervous.  Is any (more…)

The Power of True Friendship

Who is the friend you call when you need an escape?  When you want to regress back to the playfulness of your childhood.  The friend who you adore and love so much that you feel over the moon excited for all of their accomplishments in life, kind of as if it was happening to you.

I sincerely hope that all of your friendships feel this way.  One thing I’ve learned from having close friendships is that there is never any reason to (more…)

Use Your Imagination!

This week I took some time to catch up with my friend, writing coach and fellow entrepreneur Tara MacIntosh.

I love time with Tara.  She is a writer and her mind is so darn super creative and on fire all the time.  Her ideas are incredible and I can never get enough of our deep discussions!  I can actually feel my mind expanding as she shares her views and opinions on things!  She gets me all pumped up to take time for myself and keep examining the limitless possibilities that are available to me.

Tara just returned from Vegas where she got married!!! She actually brought real photos in an envelope to show me.  I’m not even kidding you, they were (more…)

BYOB was a Smash Hit!

Last Wednesday I hosted an intimate and interactive BYOB evening at my studio with 9 women.  Not BYOB in the way you’re thinking, I actually provided the vino.  BYOB as in they had to bring their own beads.

These beads were not just any beads, they all had meaningful stories attached to them.

I wanted to share with you (more…)

An Exclusive Collection for Matty’s Fab Avenue

Friday was a SUPER EXCITING day for our friend Matty, owner of Matty’s Fab Avenue and for us here at glamjulz!

Matty launched his Toronto District Jewelry Collection!

This collection was inspired after a three year friendship with Matty.  We met at the Toronto Gift Show back in the summer of 2015.  Matty has been carrying our julz as part of his on-line boutique since we met and this year he wanted to offer something NEW.

Over the last few years the retail market has been a challenge for many boutiques.  Whether an independently owned boutique is on-line or in a retail location, their competition is (more…)